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Kilby Park Campground

215 Kilby Rd Harrison Mills, BC V0M 1L0
Open 3/1/23 - 12/31/23
41 Sites

If you are having issues booking please clear your history, refresh the page and try again. If you continue to have issues please email [email protected]

Kilby Park is situated on the confluence of scenic Harrison and Fraser rivers in Harrison Mills, B.C. The Park features a beautiful 41-site campground, a day use area, sandy beaches, nature trails and a boat launch and is a family-oriented campground. To see our new map of the property click here. The Park is at the west end of Kilby Road, within walking distance of the Kilby Historic Site. Basic facilities include pit toilets, picnic tables, and fire pits. Some sites are amid the trees while others are in open areas near the beach.


  • No Double Booking: One reservation per person (ie: one person cannot book multiple sites)
  • Rolling Window: Reservations can be made 4 months (120 days) in advance. You may book your stay up to 14 days beyond the rolling window providing the starting date of your stay falls within the rolling window. (eg. Rolling window ends June 1st, reservation can be made May 31st to June 13th). **Currently this option is only available if you call the reservation desk. 
  • Quiet Hours: Quiet hours are from 11 pm to 7 am. Please be considerate of your neighbours. Excessive noise, as well abusive or offensive language is not allowed at any time.
  • Alcohol: As this is a family-oriented campground, no alcoholic beverages are to be consumed outside of your campsite. Excessive drinking may result in eviction.
  • Max Length of Stay: each person (whether or not they are the registered permit holder) may only camp up to a maximum of 14 nights from June 15 to Labour Day.
  • Minimum Stay for Weekends and Long Weekends: Weekend reservations have a 2-night minimum reservation. Long weekend (Statutory Holiday) reservations have a 3-night minimum reservation.
  • Limited Occupancy: Number of people per campsite is EIGHT, of which four adults are allowed, including daytime visitors
  • Check In/Check Out: Check in time no earlier than 1:00 PM. Check out time no later than 11:00 AM
  • During the October through to March high winds could be present as we are located on the confluence of two rivers.

Feel free to contact our reservations desk Monday to Friday between 9 am - 3 pm if you have any questions. Phone: 604-796-9576 OR Email: [email protected].

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Kilby campground is a beautiful riverfront park with wonderful pioneer history associated with it. Within walking distance you'll discover a 5 acre historic site, Kilby museum, farm, café and gift shop. It's well worth a look through the 1906s general store, post office, and boarding house to get a feel for life in Harrison Mills back in the day. Exhibits reflect the turn of the century when steam wheelers and ferries linked Harrison Mills with larger towns such as Chilliwack, Mission and New Westminster. Kilby Park is operated by the Kilby Heritage Society, a charitable, non-profit community-based group, which also operates the nearby museum on behalf of the Province of BC. The 3 hectare park is famous with bird watchers, as hundreds of wintering bald eagles come to the area to feast on spawning salmon in late autumn.



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Pets Welcome
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Campground Information

Camping RatesUnserviced $30-$45 Winter Rates $20

About the Owner

Contact the property
Phone: 604-796-9576
Fax: (604) 796-9592

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Latitude: 49.2388157075157
Longitude: -121.96356491960857



  • 6 First-come first-serve non reservable sites
  • Reservations can be made 4 months (120 Days) in advance of desired date


  • 24-Hour Online Reservations: $7 for one night, 2 nights $12 and 3 nights $18
  • Reservation Desk: $7 for one night, 2 nights $12 and 3 nights $18 plus a $5 call in-person charge.


  • Reservations open February 1st, 2023 at 9:00 AM
  • Main campground opens March 1st and closes December 31st
  • 24-hour Online Reservation:
  • Reservation Desk: Open Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Call 604-796-9576 and follow the prompts to the call queue ($5 phone reservation fee)
  • Full payment (including reservation fees) is required at time of booking. We only accept credit cards.
  • NO reservations will be accepted via email or phone message
  • No Double Booking. One reservation per person (ie: one person cannot book multiple sites)


We listened!

Reservations can be made 4 months (120 days) in advance. You may book your stay up to 14 days beyond the rolling window providing the starting date of your stay falls within the rolling window. (eg. Rolling window ends June 1st, reservation can be made May 31st to June 13th)

**Currently this option is only available if you call the reservation desk. This option is not available online please call and we will help you extend your reservation. We are working with our Campground Booking software team to make this option available online for season 2024.


To create more opportunities for a greater number of park visitors each person (whether or not they are the registered permit holder) may only camp up to a maximum of 14 nights from June 15 to September 4th (Labour Day).


  • Weekend reservations have a 2-night minimum reservation (Friday night and Saturday night)
  • Long weekend (Statutory Holiday) reservations have a 3-night minimum reservation. (Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday night)


  • Reservations/sites are not transferable. Reservation permit holder name must be provided at the time of booking and cannot be added or changed later. Any reservation holders found to be transferring or selling their reservations to another party, risk their reservation being cancelled without a refund. If a permit holder can no longer use their reservation, they are encouraged to cancel it so that any unused camping fees that are not forfeited as a penalty can be refunded.
  • The registered adult (permit holder) becomes the designated representative for the campsite and must provide ID including their name, vehicle license number(s), the makeup of people in their campsite. This adult is responsible for the actions of all members of their campsite and any visitors to the campsite.
  • Damages to the campground and equipment by any member of your camping party must be reported and be paid for. Damages found after your camping party has vacated the campground will remain the responsibility of your camping party. Management will contact prompt payment


  • Number of people per campsite is EIGHT, of which four adults are allowed, including daytime visitors.


  • Please note, guests may not reserve a campsite for additional vehicles, trailers, boats, or any other non-accommodation vehicle.
  • Only one camping unit (trailer/camper/RV/tent) and one vehicle (car/truck) are allowed per site, except in the case of a second tent. (See tent policy below)
  • These are acceptable camping units per campsite:
  • a motor vehicle towing a trailer designed as an accommodation for camping, e.g., 5th wheel, travel trailer, tent trailer; or
  • a recreational vehicle (RV), e.g., motor home, camperized truck/van; or
  • a RV with a legally towed motor vehicle; or
  • a motor vehicle or RV towing a trailer not designed as an accommodation for camping, e.g., utility/cargo, or boat trailer.
  • Tent Policy: one tent may accompany any of the above vehicles, or if tenting only, 2 tents per site maximum.
  • The number of passenger vehicles (eg. cars, SUVs, and trucks) in a campsite must not exceed 2 at any time. Pleas note: the second passenger vehicle permit for overnight stay is $12/night.


  • Check-in starts at 1:00 PM; please check-in at the gatehouse before heading to your site. Early arrivals may be accommodated only if site is ready.
  • Check-out time is 11:00 AM


  • There are 6 designated FCFS sites. Upon arrival find an unoccupied FCFS site leave your camping unit at your site to hold your place. Pick up your envelope at the main gate, follow the instructions, and we’ll check in with you during your stay.
  • A camping unit means RV or tent (sleeping accommodation). Chairs, coolers, and easy ups, etc. are not acceptable as place holders.
  • Check-out time is 11:00 AM


  • Visitor Hours: 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM. Visitors must leave by 11:00 PM
  • Visitor Parking Options: #1 Visitors may park at the permit holder’s campsite providing there are no more than 2 vehicles total at the campsite; #2 Visitors may park at day use; #3 Visitors may park at the heritage site parking lot.


  • With approval of the Park Attendant, a campsite may be allowed one additional motor vehicle (not designed as an accommodation) for an additional fee of $12/night.
  • All vehicles and trailers, whatever type, must be within each site’s boundary. No parking at all on the roadway.


  • For the safety of other dogs and small children all pets must be on leash at all times: at your camp site, and in public areas.
  • Please clean up after your pet.


  • QUIET TIME – Quiet time is from 11 pm to 7 am. Excessive noise is not cool! Please remember that sound travels further in open air, especially music and loud talking. Only registered campers are allowed in the campground between 11 pm to 7 am.
  • GENERATOR USE - Generator use is only permitted between 9 am to 11 am and 6 pm to 8 pm. The use of “inverted generators” (i.e. Low Noise) are preferred. Generators must be placed within your campsite. Please refer to for the complete Generator Policy.
  • IDLING – no idling of vehicles within your campsite or on the campground roadway. Please refer to for the idling policy on the campground page.


  • Consumption is restricted to registered campsites only and responsible use is expected.
  • Not allowed in any public areas including washrooms and beach.
  • Public intoxication or threats to public safety or staff will not be tolerated. Please consider your fellow campers.


  • For the safety and enjoyment of all visitors and to protect parks natural values, smoking and vaping is only permitted within your designated campsites occupied by the registered parties and their guests. Please be sensitive to your neighbours.


  • Firewood is available for sale at the gatehouse. After hours, please see the Camp Host.
  • NO fires of any kind on the beach
  • No cutting or removal of any trees, shrubs, grasses, flowers, etc. Deadwood from the park is not to be used for firewood. Driftwood may be used if it fits into the fire pit. You may bring your own firewood, or purchase at gatehouse.
  • Please do not move fire pits.


  • If you have a boat, campers will be charged a one-time fee of $15 to launch their boat for the duration of your stay. Your trailer must be parked on your campsite. Please check with Camp Attendant.
  • The launching of personal watercraft (Jet Ski) is not allowed at the boat launch.


  • No hunting, shooting or handling of firearms of any sort is allowed.
  • Absolutely NO FIREWORKS of any kind.


  • No off-road or unlicensed vehicles are to be operated in or near the Park.
  • No unlicensed drivers may operate vehicles in the Park.


  • Absolutely NO tents, wood fires, propane fires or BBQs allowed on the beach.
  • Dogs must remain on leash for the safety of other dogs and small children.


  • Please keep the toilets clean. Do not put garbage, bottles or cans in the toilets.
  • Please sort and recycle glass and plastic bottles, pop and beer cans in the recycle bins provided. Do not put garbage in the recycle bin. All monies raised from the proceeds of the recycled materials will be used for animal feed and care.
  • Fish entrails or other waste from cleaning fish are not to be disposed of in the Park or on the beach


  • Please record and report anything out of the ordinary to the Park Attendant or Camp Host and/or the RCMP.
  • For emergencies call 911. Non-emergencies call the Agassiz RCMP at (604) 796-2211.

Failure to comply with any of these regulations/policies may result in enforcement actions, such as the cancellation of your camping permit and/or eviction from the park. The Park Attendant has full discretion in all matters. This is a private park and we reserve the right to refuse admittance.

Cancellation Policy


  • $10 cancellation fee per booking. Reservation charges are NOT refundable
  • If a reservation cannot be fulfilled, the permit holder should cancel their reservation at least 7 days in advance to receive a 100% refund (less reservation fees) or risk charges as laid out in the cancelation guidelines.
  • Should you need to change you reservation a $10 charge may be applied.


  • Reservations are held until 11 AM the day after the scheduled arrival date. After this time, all fees will be forfeited and the site will be made available to other visitors. If you can’t make your arrival date, please call or email at [email protected] to let us know. This will avoid the site being left empty.
  • You will receive a courtesy call before the site is released. Please ensure we have the correct phone number on file.


  • Cancellations made more than 14 days prior to Check-In Date, all camping fees (less cancellation and reservation fees) are refunded.
  • Cancellations made more than 7 days prior to Check-In Date, 2 night’s camping fee forfeited, remaining (less cancellation and reservation fees) refunded.
  • Cancellations made within 7 days to the Check-In all camping fees forfeited.


Possible Grounds for a Refund

Wildfire Smoke – This will be considered acceptable grounds for camping fee refunds if all the following criteria are met:

  • You cancel your reservation; and
  • Air quality levels are a 7 or higher on the BC Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) at the station closest to the park on the date of cancellation
  • Park conditions that prevent access or cause evacuations - Refunds would only be considered if customers are unable to enter/approach a park because of emergencies such as floods, road closure or/and natural disaster or if an evacuation is ordered. In such cases, it is your responsibility to check for updates.
  • Medical - Refunds may be issued for serious medical reasons that prevent customers from honouring their reservation. Applications for medical refunds require a doctor’s note or proof that a member of the camping party was seriously injured or admitted to the hospital (there are no exceptions to this). Dates on the medical note or documents must coincide with the arrival date in order to support the request. The reservation owner must still try to cancel the reservation if at all possible.
  • Death in the immediate family – We will consider refunding forfeited user fees if there is a death in the immediate family. Kilby Park still requires that the customer will do their best to cancel their reservation so that the site can be filled. We may require proof in the form of a death certificate and or obituary notice. *Definition of Immediate family: a parent, spouse, child, grandchild, grandparent, brother, sister, father-in-law, mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, and any other relative permanently residing in the same household. Unfortunately the death of a friend, distant relative or a pet is not considered grounds for a refund.

Serious Motor Vehicle accident - If the reservation holder or a member of the camping party is involved in a serious motor vehicle accident that prevents them from honouring their reservation, a refund will be considered. An accident report, dated near the customer’s arrival date is required to support the request for a refund.

Not Grounds for a Refund

Wildlife - The presence or interactions with any kind of wildlife (insects, bears, squirrel, raccoons, etc.) even if the wildlife damages or destroys personal property, are not grounds for a refund. The one exception is if the park is closed or park visitors are advised to stay away due to safety reasons (cougar, problem bear, wolf, etc.). This notice would be posted on and in the park.

  • Errors while making a reservation - Refunds will not be granted for errors that customers make on their reservations.
  • Early Departure - Vacating your campsite early is not grounds for a refund.
  • Weather and Ambient Conditions - No refunds will be considered for inclement weather (cold, rain, hail, snow, heat, flooding, etc.) Customers should check for updates. (if no updates are present, assume the park is open)
  • Park Conditions - Requests for refunds related to in-park conditions must be directed to by the Park Attendant (unsatisfactory conditions, poor customer service, etc.).
  • Eviction from your campsite - If you have been evicted from the campsite by a representative of Kilby Park for failure to follow the rules and guidelines, no refunds will be made.
  • General Illness or Pre-existing conditions - If someone in the camping party gets ill but does not require medical assistance (see Medical below) or if there are common or expected conditions in the park that trigger an existing condition (i.e., allergic to bees and stung in park, or campfire smoke triggers asthma attack, etc.) would not be considered grounds for a refund.
  • Vehicle Breakdown/equipment issues - No refunds will be given for vehicle breakdowns, problems related to vehicles or equipment failure.
  • Change in Plans - A change of plans, including but not limited to getting called into work or if child care or pet care arrangements fall through