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HWY 71 RV Park

10 Sites

Perfect Location

The Bastrop, Texas area is extraordinary in every way possible. There are things to do, people to see and places to visit. Everything that Mid Texas has to offer is easily accessible to the area, and HWY 71 RV Park is right in the middle of it. We offer 189 RV camping sites and our RV campground is situated on 34 acres.

Peaceful and Relaxing

Our RV park  is located just 10 miles from Bastrop and 15 miles from Austin.  There is easy access onto and off HWY 71, The folks  

at our RV campground are friendly and the views are vivid in this chunk of paradise. Its no wonder why so many come and seize life at our 189 RV camping sites.



30 Amp Service
50 Amp Service
Full RV Hookups
Big Rig Friendly
Accepts Credit Cards
Pets Welcome


Max Length (of RV)45 ft

About the Owner

Contact the property
Phone: (512) 321-7275

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Latitude: 30.144153568174104
Longitude: -97.48006035151383


Park Guidelines

SPEED LIMIT IS 5 MPH IN THE PARK! Should you observe speeding or recklessness, please inform the office.

DON'T PARK or drive any vehicles on grassy areas throughout the park. Don't block the roadways, other lots, or neighbor's parking areas. If you need additional parking, please see the office.

NO CHILDREN RIDING BICYCLES, No motor bikes/scooters, ATCS/ATYS, ALLOWED IN THE PARK. Adults (over 18) may ride bikes for exercise and transportation purposes. No golf carts without lights after dark.

PLAYGROUND: All children must be accompanied by an adult. Don't take food/drink items to the playground (water in plastic containers only). Dress children appropriately (no swimsuits). We are not responsible for accidents/injuries. NO ONE IN THE PLAYGROUND AREA AFTER DARK.

SEWER HOSES must be connected using a rubber donut and/or an elbow.


NO VEHICLE REPAIR/OIL CHANGES done in the park! RV units and vehicles may be washed for additional charge of $5.00 per vehicle, to be paid at the office prior to time of wash.

PET DEPOSIT: A S25 deposit required per dog.

NO ANIMAL, may be restrained on trees in the park, nor left outside unattended. THEY MUST BE IN BY

10:00PM. MUST BE ON A LEASH WHEN THEY ARE OUT OF YOUR UNIT! No pets at the playground, restrooms laundry, pool, or office. Noisy pets will not be tolerated. Walking your pet: If you are approaching someone and they ask you to restrain your animal either from them or from their pet please do so. COMPLAINTS about an animal or an animal deemed dangerous may result in being asked to reside elsewhere.

CAMPSITES are to be kept free of clutter, trash and boxes. Bag all garbage and place inside the dumpster. Household garbage only. Break down boxes/ No strings, lines, or clotheslines will be attached to any trees.

LAUNDRY FACILITY open 24/7. Please don't overfill. Stay with your laundry.


SHOWERS/RESTROOMS; NO SMOKING. NO FOOD. NO ALCOHOL. NO PET BATHING AT THE SHOWERS. Glass is a NO-NO! If you encounter problems, NOTIFY THE OFFICE. LIMIT YOUR TIME to 15-20 minutes as we have many using the facilities. Children 12 and under should have adult supervision while at the showers. Haircuts and hair coloring to be done at your residence.

SEWER SYSTEM: Sanitary items, prophylactics, diapers, baby-wipes, paper towels, grease, or food in sinks or toilets at the park, including your own, cause septic problems that affect many. 

PROPANE: Leave labeled propane bottles. They will be locked up after filling. MOTORHOMES, SCHEDULE A REFILLING APPOINTMENT. Keep your canisters inspected. 

OPEN FIRES: Use of propane grills is preferred, but small charcoal grills are allowed on gravel with constant supervision.

NO SOLICITATION is allowed without authorization from the office. If you see, or are confronted by anyone soliciting, please contact the office immediately. 

QUIET TIME observed from 10PM TO 7AM. Turn vehicle music off before you enter the park.

NO CHILD should be at the restrooms, laundry, computer rooms, pool, playground, or pond without adult supervision. 

Ladies, gentleman, and children, please DESS APPROPRIATELY for the area of the park you are in. Swimsuits for the pool area. Gentleman, please wear a shirt if you are entering any building inthe park.

VISITORS: Advise the office of visitors. Should you encounter any vehicle you think doesn't belong, note the make/model/color and license if possible and inform the office. Visitors will be issued appropriate gate codes. DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR CODE. 

Be considerate: Walk on the roads… Not through the campsites.

If in doubt, ask at the office, WE ARE ONLY APHONE CALL AWAY. (512) 321-7275. Be aware we have camera surveillance and they tape.

Pool / Park Rules

Parents must be inside the pool area with children.

• No one 18 or under may be at the pool unsupervised. Parents must be inside the pool area with the children.

Responsibility for more than your own children is limited. All guests must be approved and acknowledged

through the office. Smoking, food, drinks, gum, alcohol, glass of any kind, and pets are not permitted at

the pool. Only water in clear plastic containers is allowed! Only air-filled flotation devices are allowed in

the pool. Water guns, noodles, and toys containing small pieces are not allowed in the pool. Beach type

balls are acceptable. Take all items with you when you leave the area. Do not run, dive, push, or yell

excessively. Be courteous of others at the pool, it is not exclusively for kids. Adults, remember you are setting

an example for the children. You are limited as to the number of guests you may have at the pool, and they

need to be checked in at the office. Appropriate swimwear - NO CUT-OFFS.

Cancellation Policy

We handle cancellations on a case-to-case basis, so please reach out to us and we would love to work with you. Our flexible policy is: If the guest contacts the RV Park about a cancellation with more than 48 hours notice from check-in, the guest will be issued a full refund minus 3% of the total paid online. If the guest provides less than 48 hours notice from check-in, no refund will be issued. However, we understand circumstances happen and do our best to accommodate everyone.