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Elite Cabins and RV

118 Texas Rd Big Spring , TX 79720
90 Sites


Built specifically for travelers from across America, our RV park incorporates 90 RV spaces and 60 cabins for rent for those looking for an extended stay option that exceeds expectations while beating the rates and amenities of any motel. Discover overnight accommodations that are meant to be your Big Spring home away from home by reserving your private space today.



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Max Length (of RV)70 ft

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Phone: (432) 393-5355

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Latitude: 32.28274283938164
Longitude: -101.35364541842695


Elite Cabins & RV LLC. has a daily charge of $40.00 per night. All payments are non refundable. Your space includes water, sewer, garbage, electric, extended cable and Wi-Fi for 30 & 50 Amps rigs with up to 2 tenants. If approved by management, additional persons can be added to the lease for a charge of $1/day (ages 2-17) or $3/day (18+). A copy of DL or State Issued ID is required for anyone over the age of 18 living or visiting the park. Payment for the site is due upon arrival to the site. 

Elite Cabins & RV LLC reserves the right to NOT extend the daily lease. At NO point will Elite Cabins & RV LLC prorate any daily rate. 

Please be courteous of your neighbors! We are all on different schedules, please keep noise at appropriate levels. Radio and television volume and any other disturbing noise or activity should be controlled during the hours of 9:00 PM to 9:00 AM. The use of a generator is not allowed. No dog barking, rowdiness, or socializing during this time. Fireworks & Firearms are NOT allowed to be discharged on the premises. Alcoholic beverages are permitted in the clubhouse. Smoking is not permitted in any public facility (including bathroom, laundry room, or office) Tenants and guests of legal age (21+) are allowed to drink in the RVs and on your site as long as there is no drunkenness, disturbances to other tenants on the park, or vulgar/abusive language allowed. 

DRUGS ARE NOT PERMITTED ANYWHERE ON THIS PARK! The use of drugs on this park will result in us contacting the local authorities and immediate eviction. The park is not responsible and assumes no liability for theft, vandalism, loss, or other damages to property and/or injury to persons arising out of the use of facilities or caused by others while on the premises. Please use facilities at your own risk. Park guests are financially responsible for any malicious damage to the park property. Willful damage or defacing of the park property will be cause for prosecution and immediate eviction. 

Please be considerate when you use the restrooms and other facilities. Inform the staff if our restrooms or laundry room need attention. DO NOT STUFF THE WASHERS WITH BLANKETS, WASH CLOTHES THAT HAVE GREASE ON THEM OR ANIMAL BEDDING IN OUR MACHINES! We strive to keep our park as clean as possible. The RV sites & rentals will be cleaned and inspected before you arrive and must be maintained while you are leasing the site. Your site should be free of garbage, cigarette butts, cans and other debris at all times! There will be a $25.00 charge to you if we have to pick up garbage of any kind in your space and we have the right to charge your card up to $1,000 for any damage to Elite Cabins and RV property.

Tenants are not allowed to have freezers, refrigerators, or window air conditioners unless approved by management and a (per-item) electrical fee will be added to your monthly bill for the extra electrical use. CLOTHESLINES are not permitted anywhere in this park! Elite Cabins & RV LLC is on city water and does not allow the washing of RVs or vehicles by tenants using our water supply. The fine is up to $2000 imposed on the tenant if they get caught breaking this law. 

Two vehicles of standard size may be kept at your site. WE DO NOT ALLOW ATVs, PERSONAL GOLF CARTS, OR BATTERY OPERATED RIDE ON TOYS FOR CHILDREN.NO BOATS OR JET SKI’S ARE ALLOWED TO BE STORED ON THE PARK. NO VEHICLE REPAIRS OR FLUID CHANGES ON THE PREMISES. RV repairs on the premises and external/temp structures MUST be approved through management.

SPEED LIMIT IN PARK IS 10 MPH! Pedestrians and Park Staff have the right of way. DO NOT “cut through” sites to get to your site. The rules apply to a tenant’s guest! If your friend or family member does not follow the rules they may be asked to leave the park and not return.

Wastewater must be discharged into the authorized receptacles only, and never discharged on the ground. Elite Cabins & RV LLC requires each tenant to secure their hoses properly to keep gas fumes or waste from leaking out. Failure to do so will result in not having access to use our sewer and you may be asked to leave the park.

Parents are responsible for the supervision and conduct of their children at all times. Children and minors should be accompanied by their parents or guardian while on the park premises. Parents are NOT allowed to let their child (ren) roam the park alone for any reason! Your child MUST be within your site at all times and are not allowed to ride their bikes or play in any well-traveled area or on/in someone else’s site area.

All pets are required to be registered with the office. Elite Cabins & RV LLC does not allow any aggressive breed animals on the park. If you bring aggressive breed animal on this park, you will be in violation of your lease and Elite Cabins & RV LLC will ask you to leave immediately! (Please see park office for list, if in question) All dogs are required to be on a leash. No continuous barking, allowed and pets are not allowed to be tied up or fenced outside. AT NO TIME IS IT OK TO LET YOUR DOG ROAM LOOSE! Pets are not allowed in any inside facilities. YOU MUST PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG! This is non-optional and you will be asked to leave if you break this rule!