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Discovery Wildlife Park

5400 42 Ave Innisfail AB, Alberta T4G 1P9
Open 5/1/21 - 9/18/21
63 Sites

Discovery Wildlife Park provides you with the first ever opportunity to camp overnight in a zoo! Listen to the roars and howls and experience an exciting animal encounter each evening. Call or check our website for more details on this unique family experience.

When booking for a long weekend we do have a 3 night minimum stay. If trying to book for less than 3 nights it will appear that there are no sites available.



30 Amp Service
50 Amp Service


Lodging/Campground Information

Camping Rates30 AMP - $35/Night 50 AMP - $40/Night Cabin Rental - $100/Night

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Contact the property
Phone: 1 403 896 3272
Fax: 1 403 227 3216

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Latitude: 52.03625820000001
Longitude: -113.9302103


RATES: $35/night for 30 amp site - $40/night for 50 amp site. Three night rentals are required for long weekends. Rates are based on family groups – maximum of 2 adults and their dependent children. Extra adults are $5/night.

TENTING: $35/night in our specific tenting area. If you wish to set up a tent on a site with an RV or trailer, there is a limit of one small tent per site for dependent children only and they will be charged $5/night extra.

FIRES: No open fires - only propane fire pits are allowed. Propane fire pits may be rented for $10/night, propane bottles may be rented for $15 (will run approx. 7 hours) or you may bring your own. We can also fill your tanks - $15 for 20lb and $20 for 30lb tanks.

CHECK IN TIMES: Check in time is 2 pm and check out time is 11 am. Quiet hours are in place from 11 pm to 7 am.

GATES LOCKED: Gates into the Campground itself will be shut from 10 pm to 8 am. Main parking lot gates into the Park will be locked at 7:00 pm and reopened at 10:00 am. If you need to leave in our off hours, you may exit the Park through our main parking lot gates by driving up to them – the sensor will open for you. To re-enter the Park in off hours, you must phone the campground cell 403-896-3272 (posted on gate).

PARK HOURS: Park is open from 10am to 5pm daily (no new admissions after 4pm). Daily animal presentations are included in your admission. You may purchase your admission to the Park at the campground office for a discounted price.

PETS: No pets allowed in the cabins. Please do not bring pets with you if renting a cabin. A $250 charge will be applied for abusing this policy. Pets are allowed for site rentals. There is a fee of $5/pet/day.

SPEED LIMIT: 10km/hr. is the speed limit within Discovery Wildlife Park – in the parking lots, the road to the Campground and in the Campground. Please adhere to this – this is a public facility with children and animals walking on the road.

ALCOHOL/CANNABIS:Tobacco or cannabis smoking is not allowed in the cabins. No visible alcohol or cannabis may be carried around the campground. NO alcohol, cannabis or intoxicated persons will be allowed into the Park under any circumstances. Remember that smoking anything carries on the wind. Please be respectful of others in the campground! We do retain the right at our discretion to ask anyone that abuses this policy to leave.

FISHING POND: There is a $5/person/day fee to fish in our pond and a fee of $5 per fish with a maximum of 2 fish/person/day. There is NO catch and release allowed – you may eat the fish or they can be donated to the animals in the Park. There is no provincial fishing license required, however, if you wish to take the fish home to eat later, please check in at the office – you will require our license number to show where you caught the fish at. Absolutely no fishing after dusk!

NO SWIMMING: Public are not allowed in the pond – no swimming, no floating tubes, no pets and no throwing rocks into the water. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times. There is NO lifeguard on duty.

PARKING&VISITORS: Parking is available for one vehicle per site. Vehicles must be parked beside your trailer/camping unit not on the road. If your vehicle is too large to park beside your unit or you have a second vehicle, you will have to park in the visitor’s parking area located at the parks main parking lot. Day visitors are welcome ($3 per car), but must leave by 10 pm. Parking is available for them in the visitor parking area as well.

RECREATIONAL VEHICLES: Quads or other motorized recreational vehicles are not allowed within the Park or the Campground. Children’s battery operated vehicles are also not allowed. Bicycles may be ridden only on the roads within the campground and roads to the parks main parking lot. Not around the unfenced area of the pond. Bicycles and battery-operated vehicles are never allowed into the Park under any circumstances. Please no drones!- in the campground or Park.

TREES & GRASS: Please use only “grass-friendly” mats on the grass. Ensure that propane bottles are set on the gravel pads. They burn the grass if placed on the grass. We have planted many trees to provide shade, protection from the wind and privacy for each site. Many are just starting out so the trees should not be touched – do not break off branches for wiener sticks, climb on them, or allow your children to pull on the branches and please do not tie pets to them! All of these actions can kill the trees. You will be charged a fee for any damage cause to the trees!

PICNIC TABLES: Each site comes with a picnic table on the gravel-parking pad. You may place the table anywhere on the grass that you like – we do ask that you place it back on the gravel pad of your site when you are leaving.

PLAY EQUIPTMENT: Children are to be supervised at all times while on any of the play equipment within the entire facility.

FIREWORKS: Absolutely NO fireworks may be used in the Park or the Campground. No exceptions! This is a Town bylaw.

GARBAGE & RECYCLING: A garbage dumpster is provided for your convenience. No furniture or large items are to be placed in the dumpster. Please ensure no garbage is left on your site when you leave. A recycling bin is also provided for bottles, pop cans and any other recyclable item.

WASHROOMS Washrooms and showers are located in the campground. Showers are coin operated and use only loonies ($1 coins). Portapotties are provided on the north side of the pond for campers’ convenience. Please do not haul water out of washroom facility and do not wash dishes or clothes in the bathroom sinks. There is a metered tap outside the bathrooms for purchasing potable water for washing - $1/gallon (4 litres). Please no pets in the washrooms!

PARK ACCESS: Admission to the Park is NOT included in the camping fees. Park admissions may be purchased from the campground attendant or at the front desk of the Park (accessible from the main parking lot). Campers will have to drive or walk to the main building to access the Park.

GOLF CARTS: The Park rents 4 seat electric golf carts - $15 an hour or $10 an hour for seniors/disabled persons. You may rent these at the front desk of the Park. Drivers must be 18 and up and have a valid driver’s license.

SEASONAL STAYS: Optional at this time, however, there are no full hook-ups available. Please ask to speak to the owners if you are interested.

EXTRA CHARGES: There will be additional fees added on for any damage to property or abuse or neglect of these campground guidelines.

EMERGENCY: For emergencies only after hours, please contact the camp attendant at 403-896-3272 or Doug 403-350-8822 or Debbi 587-877-5054.

Cancellation Policy

If cancelled 1 week or more prior to booking date, full refund minus $20 admin fee will be given. No refund will be given if cancelled within one week of booking date.