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Country Aire Manor

10249 US Hwy 98 Dade City, FL 33525

Guests need to be 55 or older to make reservations


Are you looking for a place to camp? All you have to do is choose your lot, reserve your space, and bring your travel trailer or motorcoach.

For one low monthly rate, enjoy a private space and all of our marvelous amenities including a relaxing pool, luxurious clubhouse, and blissful neighbors. Our kind and willing staff will help with anything to improve your time.


All RV lot rental prices include water, sewer, and trash services. Electricity is always available but billed separately. It is not included in our rental prices.


Recreation sales and use taxes are not included in our rental prices.



Pool - Outdoor
Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
15 Amp Service
30 Amp Service
50 Amp Service
Big Rig Friendly
Bocci Ball
Accepts Credit Cards
Accepts Debit Cards
Dog Park
Extended Stay Rates
Firepit (shared)
Full RV Hookups
Game Room
Access Gate
Mail Room
Mini Golf
Pets Welcome
Picnic Area
Dump/Sani Station
RV Storage
Seasonal Campsites
Sewer on Site
Potable Water
Water on Site
Wildlife Viewing


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Phone: (352)523-1228

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Latitude: 28.3063282
Longitude: -82.1630731


Guests need to be 55 or older to make reservations.

Use of Community Buildings – The Clubhouse, Bathrooms, Laundry & Shower facilities are provided for your use. Please be considerate when using our facilities, clean up after yourselves, leave them neat & return any furniture and/or table to their original placement. A $50 clean up deposit will be charged to every Rally Club. Should we need to clean up after any group or rally, a clean-up charge will be deducted from the deposit and any remaining balance will be mailed to the Rally Master. The Lights, fans & AC/Heat are to be turned off when leaving any building or facility. This simple act of courtesy will help keep electric costs down.

Pets – Pets are to be on a leash, while outside the owner’s home. The only place a dog is allowed to run unleashed is inside the fenced dog run, (located at the Northwest end of the community) & only under the supervision of the pet’s owner. Pets are to be kept off all privately owned lots (ie. If there is a home on the lot than it is privately owned). Pets are allowed up to 20 pounds. Any pet over this weight limit will require management approval before being allowed into the community. Pet owners are to clean up after their pet’s feces and dispose of the waste properly. The feces can either be buried or bagged & put in the trash can. Pet owners are responsible for the conduct of their animals & any damage they inflict on property or persons in the community. Pets are not allowed in the swimming pool area, on any playing courts or in community buildings (with exception of Seeing Eye dogs). Management reserves the right to remove or restrict disruptive pets. Upon check in please notify the office if you have a pet.

Gate Entry – There is a $43.00 deposit for a remote entry clicker, for entry through the security gate. This fee is refundable to rental residents at time of departure & return of clicker. A hand entry number will be issued to large groups or rallies. Gates closed from 6 pm through 6 am.

Garbage – Garbage is to be placed in a plastic bad (tied shut) and is to be placed at the front of your lot for pick up on Tuesdays & Fridays.

Laundry – There is a laundry room/shower room at the south end of the community available for your use. Clothes hung out to dry need to be on a “clothes tree” & not spread all over campsite area.

Swimming Pool – Please observe the Pool Rules posted in the Pool area. No JUMPING or DIVING allowed. No Glass, Food or Drink is allowed in the pool area. Children are to be supervised by an adult while in the pool area. Please use shower before entering the swimming pool.

Sewer Connections – All campers are required to have a donut when connecting to the sewer system so gases do not escape up through connection. All sewer hoses must be undamaged and sewer connections must be tight. The discharge of any waste water is strictly prohibited.

Electric Utility - All sites are subject to electric utility charges. All electric meters will be read at the time of departure and any unpaid electric balances will be charged to the credit card on file. You will be required to sign a credit card authorization upon check in.

Tents – NO tents allowed on RV sites.

Maintenance: Residents are responsible for keeping their site clean, and free of trash, unsightly junk or debris.

Canopies – the following criteria applies for canopies in the RV area:

  • A Canopy can be installed as an outdoor living area and only on the RVer’s rented lot. No using neighboring lots that are not part of the renter’s lot.
  • It needs to be erected abutting or directly next to the RV. As to maintain a uniform look and line of continuity from RV to canopy.
  • The sides of the canopy must be open, with NO solid side panels that would end up looking like a tent on the lot instead of a canopy
  • Screen panels are allowed and can be used and lowered when canopy is occupied by individuals to keep bugs away from occupants.
  • Maximum size restrictions have not been determined at this time but will be adopted if it becomes necessary.

Quiet Hours - Our quiet time is from 11p.m. - 8a.m. daily however we expect you to be courteous to your neighbor at all times. During quiet hours, there is no loud: talking, radios, TVs or other loud or disruptive noises allowed. The use of generator's is not permitted on the property.

Check in time is 12:00 p.m. Check out is 11:00a.m.

Speed limit- Please obey the posted speed limit in the park.

Golf Carts - All guests must comply with the following rules governing golf carts:

  • A golf cart shall bot be operated by a person under the age of 17.
  • Golf carts must have lights and use the lights at night time,.
  • Golf carts must be operated properly. Horse play, racing and other misuse is prohibited.
  • Never exceed the maximum seating capacity of the golf cart. all persons in the cart shall remain seated at all times.

Fireworks - Fireworks of any kind ate not allowed in the park under any circumstances.

Firearms - Guests must obey all Federal, State and Local laws regarding the ownership and possession of firearms. Guests may have a firearm in a locked, private vehicle if permitted by law. The discharge of firearms, BB guns, paint ball guns, air guns, rifles or any other similar devices is strictly prohibited on the property.

Smoking and Alcohol - Smoking and alcohol is permitted on each camp site only, provided it is used in a manor as to not directly or indirectly impact the experience of other guests. You must be of legal age to use alcohol or cigarettes, and consumption must be in a responsible manner. Illegal drug's are strictly prohibited.

Respect your neighbor - Please be considerate of your neighbors' space and privacy. Respect our local culture, wildlife, natural resources, other guests and laws. Offensive language or behavior will not be tolerated and will earn you an ejection from our community without refund.

General conduct and removal - Guest are required to abide by all the rules and guidelines posted in the park as well as directions from the staff. We reserve the right to remove anyone in violation of said rules, regulations or directions from the park.

Emergency - Pleased call 911.

Cancellation Policy

Should you cancel your reservation, our policy is to retain 25% of the amount of the total reservation and refund the balance back to you.